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Our Fishing Gear

Fishing Week offers you the rental of equipment adapted to the different fishing styles that we organize. If you choose to use your own fishing gear, we strongly urge you contact us after making your reservation and before leaving for Costa Rica. We will provide you with the appropriate equipment specifications for fishing with us.

Our material


At Costa Rica Fishing Week, we offer for rent:

Fishing rod
– The latest Hearty Rise and Smith 30, 50 & 80 pound spin and casting rods to respond to all conditions.

– Saltiga 5000 & 6500 spinning reels for coastal fishing.

– Saltiga 8000 spinning reels for offshore, as well as Accurate and Penn casting reels for the big pelagics.

– All reels are spooled with the appropriate PE4, PE5, PE6 or PE8 multiple braid line, as well as leaders of 50, 80 or 130 pound test.

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